XPRIZE Finalist: Generative Intelligence Selected for $5M Space-Based Wildfire Detection Challenge XPrize
Generative Intelligence
Generative Intelligence

State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence techniques to generate value to a wide range of industries


We are working with Eternal to optimize how Mycofood(TM) grows, reducing cost and time to help it reach more people.



Artificial intelligence can aid in the processing of medical data and provide valuable insights to medical personnel, hence improving health outcomes and patient experiences

Vet Science

We are developing the brain that provides a second opinion in diagnosis, so that we never miss any details.



We provide tools to help scientists automatically analyze vast amounts of information without compromising quality.


Using the latest advances in computer vision, we were able to automatize and generate key insights for a big player of the USA's collectibles industry.


We are working with Enye Technologies to push the boundaries of what is art and how is it generated.

Enye Technologies

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of Robotics Engineers, AI Programmers, Computational Physicists, and Computational Chemists with extensive experience deploying solutions using Deep Learning in different fields.

Our mission

Bring scientific advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence to companies and people, making responsible use of technology. Generate products that add value and make a difference.

Our vision

To be an effective and dynamic organization that leaves its mark on the world, improving people's lives through innovation in high impact projects.

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